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Greeting from Tiredness

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

I really gotta start posting here more. REMEMBER THAT? When people would blog that they were sorry they hadn’t been blogging? I’ve seen people do that with Twitter. “Sorry, I haven’t tweeted in a while…” People used to do that with actual diaries. “Dear Diary, sorry I haven’t written in a while…” No one else was reading that! Who are you apologizing to? Your soul? Oh, ok. I could go along along with that. I think we should all apologize to our souls more. “I’m sorry, soul, that there’s so much reality television. And I’m really sorry I watched that Desperate Housewives marathon.” There are probably cave paintings that are apologizing for slacking off on cave paintings. I’d elaborate more on that, but I feel I’ve already hit the point too hard and for too long in true Baron style.

I just finished watching the Godfather Part 2, and I hate to be that guy, but they don’t make ‘em like that anymore. It’s interesting being an actor these days. Interesting the path I’m on, whatever path that it is I’m on (I talk about being on a “path” so it’s the path of an asshole). Something I’ve said about being on this TV show is that it is really nice to have people that listen to my ideas and opinions. “Ah yes,” I remind myself, “we’re collaborating on a character that I’m creating.” It’s very easy to forget how to act when one spends so much time auditioning. They aren’t the same. People who audition well are sometimes awful actors, and people who are great actors sometimes just don’t audition well.

Those are my random thoughts for this midnight post. Next post will be about an interesting idea that’s been on my mind and is worth discussion and debate: the difference between snark and satire. In general, people who are satirists know the difference; people who are snarky do not.