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Grettings from Staying In!

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Ok, it’s 11pm and I just got home, but still.

Most people I know would take that as an act of sacrilege. “Staying in on a friday night?” But with LOTS of emphasis on “staying in” and “friday night.” Also, the sentence would have the surprised rhetorical question punctuation that has no name. The “!?” or “?!” Let’s call it the questamation mark.

So it would go like this.

BARON: Yeah, I think I’m gonna come home.

FRIEND: (cutting me off) STAYING IN?! On a FRIDAY NIGHT!?

And that statement alone is somehow the ending of their argument. It’s somehow an accusation, but there’s also a sense of “I must save you” in that statement. It conveys “you’re wasting your youth!” Maybe I am, but you don’t understand: I have Dr Pepper and Ho-Hos at home. That reminds me, I need to change my diet.

I’m trying to cut myself a little slack for my antisocial tendencies. When I get down on myself, I just feel guilt about it which makes me tell myself to go out more which fills the idea of going out with more anxiety which makes me not wanna go out. I’ve found that if I just let myself feel ok about not going out, I go out MORE.

What the fuck is the point of this post again? Or right, remembering that I have Ho-Hos.