Stop it, Baron

I dedicate this to the people in Queens. A gentleman I know by the name of Dave Hill (http://davehillonline made this and the first time I saw it I laughed heartily. You’ll only get this if you live in NYC and have seen this local commercial.

I can’t buy anymore books. That’s what happens when I start getting money. I’ll wander into a bookstore and just pick up the first 5 things that my eye catches. What can I say? I like knowledge. Eh, ladies? Knowledge.

These are the last few things I picked up.
Misquoting Jesus (http://www by Bart D. Ehrman – heard about this in TIME in a little snippet from Craig as in THE Craig from Craigslist.

Microthrills (http://www by Wendy Spero – had met Wendy before but was reintroduced to her at a few NYC comedy shows. She’s very funny and might be the single most adorable person I’ve ever met.

The Paradox of Choice (http://www by Barry Schwartz – saw this a long time ago when I purchased “Mediated” which is one of my new favorite books.

Soul on Ice (http://www by Eldridge Cleaver – a classic book of essays written during the 60s by a disenfranchised angry black man. My cup of tea.

Lew Hunter’s Screenwriting 434 (http://www – a friend suggested I get this if I want to write movies. It helped him a great deal.

Death etc. (http://www by Harold Pinter – a small collection of short plays, poems and speeches by my favorite playwright and Nobel Prize winning author.

I still have many books I haven’t read. I need to just read EVERYTHING on my bookshelf. I don’t know what it is about having a bunch of books on it that makes me feel like I have an identity. I’ve read maybe 75% of what I have.

Git ta readin!

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