Sometimes I get to do shows in Midtown for Tourist McTouristy. A whole audience of people that come to New York. Most of them expect it to just be a bigger version of where they are from. Wrong! New York is in no way nice or simple. Sorry. It’s true.

I did a show the other day in Midtown. I’ve been doing a lot of shows at the Improv Cafe which is run by my friend Aaron Haber. I had 3 shows there recently. 2 were great and the one sandwiched in the middle was strange. They clammed up if I said or implied anything about race. When I walked off stage a woman in the back on the room said, “You’ve got a lot of potential. You should drop the racial stuff.” I pulled back my sleeve, showed her my skin color, pointed at it and said, “It Happens.”

Indeed. Contrary to popular belief, Stand Up comics love getting notes and criticism from people who have done stand up never. This woman doesn’t realize that its because of people like her that I do racial material. Her statements to me mean that what I did wasn’t white friendly and thus needs to be cut from my act. Which of course means I’m gonna do the opposite. That’s like telling a swimmer to not get wet. That’s like telling a skydiver to not fall. When you are black in America, race is an issue cuz you’re always seen as the other. White is normal and you are the other. The problem people. Its an issue in my life, so I talk about it onstage. So Shut it lady and go watch Robin Williams.

And Now….
for my all time favorite Viral Video “Afro Ninja”

That is comedy.
I showed this to a friend and he said he doesn’t find it funny when people get hurt. He has something called empathy which makes him feel for human beings. Hey man, I have it too. Like if this happened on a sidwalk outside Central Park. I wouldn’t find it funny. But this guy is auditioning for a movie and he fucks it up!!! And he gets up and still tries to finish. Man, that is funny! Maybe its because I go on auditions a lot and if I do badly, I can always say “well I least i didn’t try to do a backflip and land on my face!”

That always brightens my day.

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