Set to set

They say every comedian lives set to set. By “they” I mean Jacob They and the They Foundation (saying what’s what for 100 years). By “Set to set” I mean you have a great set and you feel great until you have a shitty set which makes you feel shitty until you have a great set. I’ve gotten better and better at accepting when I have horrible sets. I can just tell by the mood and the audience when that’s gonna happen. Most comedians will say the good/bad set relationship happens in movements. They’ll be a time where you’re just having bad set after bad set: the slump. Suddenly all the sets are good. Sometimes that even happens when you’re doing the exact same material.

This week for me has been a set to set week. I’m 2 and 2. The best set of the week comes with an interesting story. I made my premiere on the infamous show Invite Them Up (http://invitethemup on Wednesday night when who shows up 5 minutes before the show? Why the one and only Louis CK (http://lousick i was nervous to follow him cuz once I had to follow Chris Rock and that wasn’t pleasant. People looked at me and were like “the fact you exist means you’re trying to copy him,” and i didn’t have a good time. But now I’m a better comedian and I know what I’m doing. I had a great set and felt good about everything in the world.

Then thursday came, back to the drawing board. And by “drawing board” I mean floating razor blades above my wrists.

Hmm, even I’m uncomfortable with that joke.

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