There’s something about seeing someone that’s very “alternative” doing something normal. Its just such a blunt object taken to my sense of reality. It doesn’t add up in the equation of my implicit association with them. Sure you’ve got red leather pants, a original Rush World Tour T-shirt, and a Mohawk, but you’re on crutches. Sure you’ve got a eagle tattoo with the face of Lincoln across your chest, but you’re taking out the trash. Sure you’ve got a tattoo of every Pink Floyd album cover all the way around your neck and a nose ring that has a chain attached to your nipples, but you’re pushing a baby carriage. And your wife looks like a manager at an Arts and Crafts store in Duluth. Its just disorienting.

What was it like to dream before TV and Movies? The perspective of those mediums have become so ingrained in our heads people dream and imagine thing as if they were a movie. But before those mediums people had only first person perspective. Maybe also the occasional look in a mirror. The average dream now consists of a dozens images and ways of experiencing those images that you’d find in any movie. Its very common to dream that you’re not inside your own body. And their are shots that are framed like movie scenes (at least in my dreams). I assume when there was less distraction, the average dream was “My my my I was standing on a hill looking into a river. It was the Most Chilling and Introspective dream I’ve ever had.” Is there anyone out there that just dream simple things? I’ve been having a lot of dreams that are only about things that are happening. Dreaming about sleeping. Ugh. I must be very disturbed.

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