posters on the train

I find it ok to not take reading with me on the subway when i ride around the city. I like to people watch and there’s always plenty of reading on the walls of the cars. They’re usually easy to see because THE ENTIRE WALL IS PLASTERED WITH THE SAME AD. Here’s 2 that caught my eye today.

“of course new york is cool. it has millions of air conditioners”

this is an ad for the ever infamous Con Edison. um, excuse me, ConED, new york ISN’T cool. remember how there was a POWER OUTAGE? Some called it a BLACKOUT and called themselves FUCKED. remember how sometimes random people get ELECTROCUTED because of a seemingly careless approach to handling live wires? yeah, not cool.

another ConED ad reads

“we’re on it. under it. inside it. through it. above it. across it.”

ah. poetry. nice to see that ConED hired Robert Pinsky, Maya Angelou, and ee cummings to collarborate on that piece of art. It actually sounds more like a threat to me. sounds like a serial rapist describing what they’re gonna do to their next victim. which, of course, will be an altercation that conlcudes with electrocution.

which brings me to another point: why is ConED advertising? is there some competition i don’t know about? some power company that won’t accidentally kill people and have power outages occur? no? well guess you gotta do something with all that money.

I’ve been seeing a lot of ads for Jesus for Jews. What happened to Jews for Jesus? Is it the same organization that wanted an image change? Is it someone different? Or is it just that and .org were already taken? Damn 15 year olds.

It’s good that they changed the name cuz one of them implies that Jesus is worshipping the Jews.

Now I don’t mean to make fun or what someone believes, but yes I do.

Here’s 2 ads I liked by them

“Pursuing truth is a noble thing. But what if it leads you to an unpopular belief that might be misunderstood by those you care about the most?”

Hmm. An unpopular belief? Christianity? Last I checked (and I do check) its pretty popular. But you are talking about the Jews. Maybe its not popular amongst them. Usually Christianity isn’t popular becuz they are busy being Jewish. Gets in the way of your daily allowance of Jesus.

“Often our culture dictates what we’re willing to consider. But truth knows no such limits. Shlomy can tell you.”

And the man pictured as the Israeli Shlomy looks exactly like an Israeli named Shlomy.

You guys got me JeJews! I’m gonna convert to Judaism then convert to something that sits strangely between Christianity and Judaism that manages to be scarier than both! Yay! There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Oh wait, that’s just because we’re being held in the station.

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