Oh really?

Oh really lady sitting next to me on the subway? My arm accidentally hits you once and that makes you feel uneasy? I got news for you. IT’S THE FUCKING SUBWAY AND ITS RUSH HOUR! THERE’S NO ROOM FOR PERSONAL SPACE!

I think its funny when people get offended. It’s such a pointless and cliche’ emotion. Also a bit outdated. Someone telling me they’re offended by something is like them telling me they just crossed the country on a pogo stick: I don’t really see why because there’s no real reason, but I guess you had something to prove to youself and you wanted attention. Its pointless and whimsical. It’s like someone telling me they woke up early this morn to churn the butter for Jedediah so that he may be strong to raise the barn and so God will be with him when he goes into town. I find it “cute.”

One of my favortie places in New York is the Southeast corner of Central Park. I love that strech of 59th street because its full of expensive hotels and posh people desperately trying to ignore the rancid stench of horse shit in the air.

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