NY Post Mordem

I’m a fan of all things comedy, so I read the Post. This is from page 15. The headline reads “Horny Leo strikes out twice” Classic.

…DiCaprio was again humbled on Halloween at LA’s Mondrian hotel, where he showed up to a bash disguised as an old man with a hunchback. But unrecognizable Leo struck out with the gaggle of pretty trick or treaters he was hitting on, a spywitness tells PAGE SIX, because “the girls didn’t know who he was. It was hilarious.”

They didn’t know who he was so they weren’t interested. Notice how much harder it is when you take away the looks and all you have is personality and sense of humor. And who says it was a costume, maybe Halloween is the one time a year Leo gets to come out as his natural self with no makeup. Maybe its the one time of year the spell is lifted and you see what the portrait of him in his attic looks like.

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