I’m Not Fooled (Pop Culture Reference)

What a beautiful day it was in New York City. It was sunny, there was a nice temperature and people seemed happy.

I’m not fooled.

The weather has been treating we citizens like an abused wife. Enticing us with lovely days and then turning on us unexpectedly. Its like the weather is Ike Turner and we citizens are Tina Turner.

IKE WEATHER: Tina, baby, I’m sorry. I love you, baby. Here. Here’s an 80 degree day, baby. I’m sorry.

TINA CITIZENS: I don’t know, Ike. I mean its been so cold for so long. Its April, Ike. I mean come on! I don’t know if I could ever forgive you.

IKE: Baby, I said I’m sorry! Why you gotta hate me? I’m trying.

TINA: I don’t know Ike.

IKE: Well, fuck you then! How you gonna be like that? Fine…here’s some snow, bitch! Haha and you’re not dressed for it either.

TINA: Oh no, Ike, its so cold! Please…I’m freezing!

IKE: Oh baby I’m sorry. Ike loves you Tina Citizens. Here’s some sunshine. And a cool breeze, but not so cold you have to wear a coat. And here’s some birds chirping.

TINA: No, Ike I’ve had enough. I’m gonna go somewhere warmer until you figure out what your deal is. Like Florida or Cali.

IKE: Baby, no! Why!? Floridas got Hurricanes and Calis got Earthquakes. Baby, don’t leave!

TINE: Ok, I’ll stay.

IKE: Haha, bitch! Now I’ma make you pay for them nasty things you been sayin’!

…And so on and so forth until we make it to June.

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