If you like Martial Arts movies, read on…

So a few posts ago I wrote about Mr Bruce Lee. He’s still bad ass, but get ready for the next generation.

So Jackie Chan is getting old and has broken every bone in his body multiple times. Jet Li is about to stop doing martial arts films. Reportedly, “Fearless” (http://www NULL.fearlessthemovie NULL.com/) is his last movie of that genre.

The other night I watched a movie I’d been wanting to for a while, “Ong Bak: Thai Warrior.” (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0368909/) This movie had a gentlemen in it who is the future of Martial Arts Films: Tony Jaa.

This dude is amazing. He has a good onscreen intensity and some hardcore moves. Hardcore I say! “Thai Warrior” has some footwork in it this is just astounding. It’s the kind of foot work that would make Capoeira (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0107750/) fanatics drop their jaws. Here’s the kicker. No wires. This movie is very bare bones grass roots Martial Arts. Its not the elegant ballet that a Yuen Wo Ping (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/name/nm0950759/) would create made famous by the Matrix, Kill Bill and Crouching Tiger. Its more like a club with some real Poppers and Lockers on the floor. Its still beautiful and takes skill, but its more immediate and on the same level with every one.

So Tony was the stunt double in the Mortal Kombat movie for Robin Shou (Liu Kang). I saw a piece of a documentary the other day that Shou directed. I need to see again. Its about a school in China that you enter when you’re 14/15/16 to become the elitist stunt martial artists in the world: The Red Tousers (http://www NULL.imdb NULL.com/title/tt0360921/).

Again, no wires. Check out this clip. The man is simply jumping. This is all his own athleticism. I really got to get in shape. Any shape. I don’t even have a shape. I’m just a skinny amoeba. I don’t even know how I’m typing.

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