How Am I Not Home?

OK. I’ll come right out and admit it. I don’t have a day job. Haven’t had one for about a year and a half. A luckily I’ve done enough paying acting/stand up gigs that I make ends meet. Although there are the times where I literally just run out of money. Commercials do pay a lot, but not as much as most people think. Also, it runs out quick when you don’t have a stuy income. I have a check right now that i haven’t cashed. I don’t know if or when the next one is coming. Once I cash it I have no more income.

Of course, it frees me up to go to auditions to create other opportunities for income. True indeed. But here’s the thing about auditions: they’re auditions. I might not get it. Statistically there’s little chance of it. But while I’m running from audition to audition it leaves me little time to try to write and create stuff for myself. Like writing on this blog. Or writing a movie, TV show, stand up jokes.

I haven’t watched TV in a long while. That’s just because I’m out all day and when I get home (on average somewhere between 1-3am) I usually have to get to sleep depending if I have an early audition. I wake up and hour and a half early. Hour to get ready. 30 mins travel time. And I’m usually still late. I LOVE TV! Fuck you and whatever you think about that. But I haven’t had time to watch it and that sucks. I’m paying for cable I should be able to put a few hours aside to watch it otherwise I’m paying for nothing! I want to watch Weeds dammit! Is that to much to ask?

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