Kyle “The Bike-meister” Kinane is a comedian that wants to stay being a comedian, but one might ask “how do you do that?” Well, Kyle has some ideas about Longevity in this comedy business. Listen as those ideas are discussed and Baron tries to fit the phrase “Kinane in the membrane” somewhere in the talk.November 7th, 2011
with Kyle Kinane

Zach Sherwin, also known as MC Mr. Napkins, is a man. Not THE man, but a man nonetheless. This episode finds Zach and Baron struggling with the concept of Manhood while seeing how it may have had effects they’re just now realizing. That was a run-on sentence.October 31st, 2011
with Zach Sherwin

People see a lot in Eliza Skinner. Unfortunately it’s not always what she wants them to see. This week’s topic is Perception. Go with Baron and Eliza on a magical journey through the fields of perception as we confront the dragon of misinterpretation armed only with the dull sword of intention.October 24th, 2011
with Eliza Skinner

Eric Andre is a character, but some would also say he’s a human being. In this episode, Eric taps into some of the things that bother him about those who are willfully ignorant. He would like to educate them upside the head.October 16th, 2011
with Eric Andre

To say that truth is tricky is not only true, but tricky. Lisa Beth Johnson get deep with Baron about what truth has been for her, can be for her, and how it relates to trust. Warning: this episodes contains giggles.October 9th, 2011
with Lisa Beth Johnson