Eliza and I talk about a subject of my choosing – Parenting. According to parents, it’s very hard, but maybe they’re doing it incorrectly. We try to figure out some of the habits people adhere to that mess kids and themselves up, and talk about things some do to offset that. But when all is said and done, Eliza wants you to know… January 16th, 2012
with Eliza Skinner

This week’s podcast guest is Todd Levin… so I guess that makes it a Toddcast. I kill me! Todd has reached an age where he’s trying to figure out what Age and Adulthood means. In a conversation that can’t help but be about beds and cars, Todd reveals his thoughts about our culture’s preoccupation with owning stuff as… January 9nd, 2012
with Todd Levin

Welcome to Deep S##! 2012! Jonah Ray probably thinks this episode is about him. And it is. We delve into the psychological ocean of Jonah’s Vanity. We navigate those troubled waters on the “SS Copious Movie and TV References.” We battle the Bruised Ego pirates before docking on Self Deprecation Island. And that island… January 2nd, 2012
with Jonah Ray

Kyle Kinane and I are Fun, right? What the crapple does that even mean? We sit down and explore what people and ourselves expect out of Fun. Hopefully you’ll have a good time listening to this. December 19th, 2011
with Kyle Kinane