A terrible mistake has been made

If you happened to happen upon the NY Post on sunday you might have seen some shocking, disturbing, shockingly disturbing, and disturbingly shocking.

(http://photos1 NULL.blogger NULL.com/blogger/1255/960/1600/NyPostSexyTitle NULL.1 NULL.jpg) If you picked up the post and saw the cover you would have learned a lot about the world and New York in particular but then you would have seen something that said “New York’s Sexiest” and you would have turned to page 37 to see this title to the right.

Looks ok. “Everything here is on order,” you say to yourself.
“I guess you could say he’s sexy. Ooh, she’s definitely sexy. And her and her.”

Then you’d look at the second page. The next batch of “sexy.”

(http://photos1 NULL.blogger NULL.com/blogger/1255/960/1600/NyPostSexyBig NULL.jpg)
Even though there’s something in the back of your mind irking you about this page you continue on. “That looks in order and she’s very super sexy and…wait a minute. What the hell is this?” You look a little closer.

(http://photos1 NULL.blogger NULL.com/blogger/1255/960/1600/NyPostSexySmall NULL.jpg) A terrible mistake has been made. I got calls, texts, emails from my very confused friends and such. All asking, “How did that happen?” They are confused. They know me. They know the truth.

Now for jokes…

See, I thought they said “Messiest New Yorkers.” I thought well my life is in shambles. Why not?

The Post tends to have a conservative slant. So if you can believe what they say about Iraq, you can believe what they say about Sexy.


But to Sara Stewart (and Mandy, of course) I say thanks.

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