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Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

if i went to bed sometimes before 2 in the morning, I wouldn’t find the Sun such a God forsaken intrusion on my slumber. “Damn Helios!!! Tyra and I were naked in a pool of jello together! Now I’ll never know the 3rd act of my dream!”

What I’m Watching Right Now…

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

(http://photos1 NULL.blogger NULL.jpg)HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!

Live Life like is was Life Like

Sunday, November 12th, 2006

(http://photos1 NULL.blogger NULL.jpg)I saw an ad for the new Bose headphones on the subway today pictured to the left. These fit comfortably in your ear and have “life like sound.” How appropriate. If I was walking through a crowded street, I could put on these headphones, turn my iPod to the track “Street Sounds” and have real “life like” sounds around me. So much more “life like” then the sounds that are like life. THANK GOD I’ve got an effective way to drown out everything around me and really plunge deeper into the self isolation that New York makes you crave with “life like” sound. Taking in the streets and people around me is just WAY TOO MUCH for me and my hearing. I’ve already mastered physically and emotionally avoiding any sort of situation. Now my dulling of my senses is almost complete. If only there were sunglasses that showed “life like” high definition digital pictures on them while I walked down the street, then I could take in almost nothing. I wouldn’t have to see, hear, touch or feel anything around me. OH sounds like a dream come true. Hooray!! Yippee! Huzzah!

Now if there was only something I could do about smells.

Maine and back

Friday, November 10th, 2006

I’m in Maine. Maine. Orono, Maine.

Its nice up here. The air is clean. I live in New York so its very odd for me to be in a place where the air does not always smell faintly like pee or worse. Also it was interesting to see that from Portland up to here every public restroom is bigger and cleaner than any NYC apartment under $5000 a month. Back in New York on Sunday.

Come to this show on Tuesday if you dare…

“Shades of Black”
Tuesday Nov 14 @9:30pm
Mo Pitkins – 34 Ave A between 3rd/2nd St
Elon James White, Michelle Buteau, Larry Bailey and Baron Vaughn do long sets.

I Voted…

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

I did my little part to loosen that diabolic stranglehold that conservatives so obviously have over New York. Now I wait and watch and the Senate results come in.

Moment of Clarity #34

Saturday, November 4th, 2006

Movies like the Ring and the Grudge have made me racist. I am now specifically afraid of small Japanese children.

a scene based on a sentence i overheard

Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

you have my phone?

yeah. here.

why do you have my phone?

you gave it to me.

no i know i did. i was asking myself. can’t remember why i gave it to you.

oh ok. you didn’t tell me.

no i know. i said i was asking myself.

ok. so that was embarassing.

it was?

uh yes, kate. I proposed to you and you got up a walked out to have a cigarette. that’s embarrasing. i’m embarassed.


so i guess i jumped the gun or something, right?

no no no. i just…i don’t know, i’m feeling a lot of pressure. everyone i know is getting married and my mom was asking me about you in that way last night.

in “that way”? what? you can’t even say it?

yeah you know what i mean

i know i love you. haha. yes that came out in a cilche’ moment, but fuck. i’m sure everyone is in there wondering what the hell is going on. we’re out here on the street. its 3 am and i’m now uncertain on the future of this relationship.

look. i just need to think ok.

no i don’t think you do. you’re going to overthink it until you have no more feelings for me. just…whatever. i’m going back inside. you coming?


huh. great. goodnight then.


no i don’t want to hear it. goodnight.